Homeless Jesus

Homeless Jesus by Timothy Schmalz.

Homeless Jesus by Timothy Schmalz.

I learned a long time ago as a punk kid growing up in the Dotte that material possessions are not what this world is about. This was an easy lesson for me because our family had nothing of any real value then (except each other, of course.) I cannot say – at any point of my life – what my most “prized” possession was because my mind doesn’t work that way. I could walk away from my house right now and leave everything if I felt the need – and to tell you the truth, I’ve thought about doing that a lot recently. But all that being said, this statue is the first item I have ever owned that bears any real meaning. My cousin Ron gave this to me on the Fourth of July after reading one of my Facebook posts about helping a homeless man on my drive into work one morning. Ron is a youth leader in his church and, like his father (my uncle Floyd) before him, he has an exceptional ability to relate to children with his sense of humor and, when needed, the stop-you-in-your-tracks-firm-but-tender words of a caring father. Ron has overcome challenges in his life, as we all have, and is deep in his walk with The Lord now. He has masterfully led the proceedings at the funerals for some of my dearest relatives. He has become one of the spiritual leaders for our family. I am honored that he gave me this, Homeless Jesus, which came to him as a gift at a youth conference he attended last month. I’m honored that he thought of me and decided to give it freely – in the true spirit of Jesus. I have to admit – I’m slightly ashamed to say I accepted it. But as any Christian knows, it’s the free gift that Jesus gives that is the most valuable of all. I love you Ron …

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  1. Ron Ham

    Kevin, thanks for the kind words. I could not think of any one more deserving of this gift. Your encounter with J T ( the homeless man ) showed me and anyone who might read your account of that meeting , that you have a true understanding of ” Love your neighbor ” ! I am also reminded that our Lord said ” when you have done it to the least of these you have done it to me “. You responded to the Christ that dwells in J T and in each of us !
    You are an amazing young man , I am glad to be able to say you are my cousin , but I am proud to say you are my friend !
    I can see Grm and Grp Ham beaming with pride ( my Dad too ) as they sit with our Lord and hear him proclaim ” well done , good and faithful servant ” !
    Love you cuz


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