God cares

ByKevin Kuzma

God cares

This is Deb (right) and Toni. I found them sitting together this morning in Washington Park. Later today, Deb is going to try to rent a storage unit so she has a place to change her clothes. She and her boyfriend (who she calls her “male friend”) recently lost their apartment on Independence Avenue. Toni is going to find a therapist to be treated for depression – she showed me the name and address of an office she had folded in her pocket. Both of these women were in church yesterday at Grand Avenue Temple and have hopes of sleeping in a bed in the women’s shelter there tonight. The demand is so high, though, there is no guarantee. I gave them food, water and, of course, a bible. We talked about their spirituality and God’s ability to turn people’s lives around. And then I left there and walked to work, wondering why society refuses to see these people as God sees them. Their circumstances or whatever brought them to their current place shouldn’t matter. They are souls walking the earth and therefore deserve our love. This can be a difficult way to be especially when sometimes the homeless berate you and shake their heads in bewilderment that you keep coming back with your bags of food and bibles. After they see you enough times, they begin to believe: somebody cares about me. God cares about me. And that gives them hope. (Thank you Robin Sloan and family for the food donation … and having loving hearts.)

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