Reaping in joy

ByKevin Kuzma

Reaping in joy

Matthew Henry’s commentaries on the bible have lasted through four centuries now. This interpretation of Acts 9 and Saul’s conversion is the best description I have ever read on what happens when a sinner truly throws himself at the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ:

Christ’s discoveries of himself to poor souls are humbling; they lay them very low, in mean thoughts of themselves. For three days Saul took no food, and it pleased God to leave him there for that time without release. His sins were now set in order before him; he was in the dark concerning his own spiritual state, and wounded in spirit for sin. When a sinner is brought to a proper sense of his own state and conduct, he will cast himself wholly on the mercy of the Savior, asking what he would have him to do. God will direct the humbled sinner, and though he does not often bring transgressors to joy and peace in believing, without sorrows and distress of conscience, under which the soul is deeply engaged as to eternal things, yet happy are those who sow in tears, for they shall reap in joy.

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