A living testament

ByKevin Kuzma

A living testament

This is a strange time we’re living in. With all the information that is available to us, people still somehow manage to be terribly misinformed. With social media and dating apps and so on, you would think there would be a lot less loneliness and people would finally be coming together … understanding/appreciating their differences … but if anything, we’re further apart than ever. And with all the money we have in our country and the lives that we are blessed to live, many people aren’t giving and they don’t appreciate what they have. This is Trenton. If you live or work downtown, you’ve probably seen him on the streets. I finally stopped and talked with him this morning. After about 10 minutes of chit chat, I asked him to tell me his story. I assumed he was a veteran, but it turns out he lost his legs in a fire on December 16, 2013. He’s been on the streets for 20+ years. When I found him on the corner of West Pennway and Southwest Boulevard, he was reading from a tattered men’s devotional that someone had given him when he was in the hospital recovering from his burns. Over Trenton’s shoulder, I could see the drivers passing by as he spoke. I noticed at least one driver shaking his head as if I should realize I was wasting my time trying to help this man. That negativity took me to a deeper place of thought — it occurred to me standing there in the shadows cast by the overpass that something loving has been watching over Trenton all this time — something beautiful has kept him alive (because of his faith.) I’m not sure I would have recognized that a few years ago. While our world sees a waste of time … a worthless/lazy homeless person … I see a living testament to God’s unfailing love.

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