The street inventor

ByKevin Kuzma

The street inventor

This is Vernon. Easily the coolest person I’ve ever met on the streets. Inspired by a character in the movie Gremlins, he says he became an inventor and developed cell phone technology years before its recognized originators. That tale aside, he told me a beautiful story this morning about how he became a believer in Christianity. Sitting on the bench outside of Children’s Mercy Hospital, he explained that when he was in fifth grade, a girl in his class named Heather showed him a photograph of clouds shaped like Jesus with a glowing halo. She told him that in the book of Revelation (14:14), Jesus says one like the Son of Man will come sitting on the clouds. Heather’s words — and the fact that she was beautiful — led him to pick up the Bible. While he sat there talking in the warm sunshine, I fell into a bit of a dream state. The sky was clear and blue and it felt good to be talking with someone who has almost nothing, and yet has everything because of a strong faith. Vernon also told me that he won some money at a casino and will be off the streets Tuesday. I hope this is true — in fact, I will pray it is. But if that happens to be a stretch of the truth, he and I both believe in a forgiving God whose beauty outshines even Heather’s.

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