A prayer wall

ByKevin Kuzma

A prayer wall

This is the prayer wall in the Lisa Barth Chapel at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Each white card that you see folded here and inserted into the wall represents a prayer for a sick child and their family. Guests to the chapel are welcome to leave a prayer request or take a card to pray over. There are no guidelines or restrictions on what types of prayers can be written — no stipulations about denomination or religion. There are just prayers as they might be sent straight up to God, from Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and so on. I took one last week and on the card were a few sentences scrawled in handwriting that belonged either to a child or a desperate adult turning to faith as a last hope: “Pray for Jules. Baby girl. We love you.” As simple as it is, this prayer and the idea of this wall have stayed with me for days. Prayer is how we build our relationship with God. And this wall captures perfectly how I imagine prayers arriving in Heaven for Him to delicately weigh against His plan for us. While prayer is often our last resort — even for some longtime believers — all we have to do is put our words out there so they can eventually be found, read, and blessed. Our prayers don’t have to be pretty or legible — they just have to be sent, displaying our belief.

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