Dream theater

ByKevin Kuzma

Dream theater

The following is based on an actual dream from a few months ago. Initially I was worried too much time had passed and I wouldn’t be able to recall the details or the chain of events as they transpired in my sleep. Normally I can’t remember my dreams even a few minutes after waking up. But oddly enough, when I sat down to write, there was exactly enough of a framework to piece this story together. I should note that nearly every time I dream (which is rare), the imagery involves people and situations that are quasi-realistic. This dream was something else entirely. If you have a knack for dream interpretation or you feel you know what this means, leave your comments below.

In my dream, I could feel the old man was a new acquaintance. How or where we met was cloudy, but it was something about that vagueness that led me to invite him to dinner with my daughter and I.

He accepted my invitation and we immediately appeared at a dinner table in a strange house that didn’t resemble mine, but in this dreamscape I could sense that it belonged to me.

The old man stood near his seat, hunched at the shoulders. He wore a long black coat with a broad collar that made him seem dated and somehow timeless, too. His body was small and frail, and his skin was so pale that his hands and wrists were the same hue as his veins. He held a small box against his chest with both hands, and again in the unspoken language of dreams … I could intuit that he wanted me to open it.

As I pulled the lid back, he burst into a demon form – a white demon with horns and wings. Everything around the room began to swirl like a windstorm. My daughter Annie was frozen in fear. He hovered in front of me and I this rush of adrenaline filled me: he wasn’t going to hurt Annie. I grabbed him by the throat and carried him to the door. I wasn’t afraid, but I could sense that something far more evil lurked outside. I hesitated a moment, and then opened the door regardless of what might be waiting. I could feel the all the evil slamming into me like the wind. I threw the demon out and closed the slammed the door shut.

We were safe. The house was empty and the wind died down.

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