In an instant

ByKevin Kuzma

In an instant

Bible verse interpretation: Romans 2:29

A person with a changed heart seeks praise from God, not from people. My heart changed in an instant. I knew it was you speaking to me. My life became all about you and your truth, not the lie I was following. My path led me into a lonely world where shadows were falling late in the day, and that sun I saw dwindling – the bright flashes of light that were about to die out – brightened all at once, and my near-night became a sunrise. My death became life and my path was lit to take me out of the dense forest. But even with a changed heart, I am subject to attack. Satan’s fierce armies shout out from nowhere when I’m walking in a clearing, and sometimes I run to the nearest dark spot I can find for shelter. My shame keeps me huddled there in blackness, far from your love, while all the time I have you in my heart. My greatest flaw is that I run from the light when I should be running to it. Lord, let me know rely on my own strength, but on yours. Let me feel you in this new heart of mine. Let your power and your glory rescue me from the attacks that used to consume my whole being. You are my shield, my armor. I will not go out walking without being ready for the battle.

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