Beautiful Words from a Drug Addict

ByKevin Kuzma

Beautiful Words from a Drug Addict

Last night, I heard a man the world would label as a drug addict speak these beautiful words: “Sin is like walking away from your first love.” These very words, in a way, are a miracle for their clarity, but also for their truth … and especially for the mouth that spoke them. I remembered this man. A few months ago he came to our Christian men’s group for the first time. (I also remembered his name, but I won’t mention it here.) He came that first time after relapsing on drugs, and the same was true this second time. But on both occasions he was met with love and prayer. Even in his failure, the Lord used him to teach us something: no matter how far gone you might believe you are, there’s still something beautiful about you. You are worthwhile to someone.

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