Notes from Genesis Chapter Three

ByKevin Kuzma

Notes from Genesis Chapter Three

— Satan attacks us at our weakest. The woman (Eve) did not even own a name before she tasted the forbidden fruit, casting all humanity into darkness.
— The question the serpent poses to Eve intentionally misstates God’s command. God said that man could eat from every tree except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He did not make eating from “any tree” off limits.
In her reply to Satan, Eve also misstates God’s directive. She tells the serpent she must not eat the from the tree “or even touch” its fruit.
— Everything the serpent say is a lie. His tells Eve “You won’t die!” if she eats from the tree.
— Adam failed to protect the woman while she fell victim to Satan. Adam was a “man,” but he was also a very new creation who did not have the opportunity of growing up or gaining any experience from which to become familiar with his role. He ate the fruit too, which is important because both woman AND man sinned before God. The Lord condemns them both.
— Was there any love developed between Adam and Eve when they sinned? Did Adam feel the need to care for her? To protect her? As the first man, would he know how to act on his feelings of love? The first humans would have been … extraordinarily human. Full of emotions they are not yet ready to handle, thoughts they are not sure how to act on, etc. They both still disobeyed a direct commandment, and it was the very essence of their humanity that led them to do so.
— When questioned by God, Adam’s choice to blame Eve is childlike.
— Humankind wants to be Godlike.
— Shame was the first “evil” feeling.
— The tree’s beautiful appearance led Eve to trust its fruit.
— After the fall of man, the serpent remains in the garden.
— In the first two chapters of Genesis, God blesses. But in this chapter, her curses the serpent, humanity and the ground.
— The Holy Trinity converses between themselves: “Look, the human beings have become like us.” (Gen. 3:22)

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