Clashing Spirits

ByKevin Kuzma

Clashing Spirits

I have a long way to go as a man. I am so far from where I was five years ago before my heart changed, and yet there are new challenges (forces, if you will) rising up to meet me. Everywhere I look in this world, I see conflicts as a clashing of spirits. Light and darkness struggling against each other as people choose sides (and refuse to budge) on issues that determine what ground they stand on morally. I look around for good men to guide me and show me what paths to choose. And time and time again, I look to scripture and King David — either his beautiful poetry in the Psalms or his life’s example. He committed his fair share of mistakes but never quit pursuing the heart of our Lord. The one truth that the man who began as a humble shepherd boy seems to understand better than any man in the Bible is that all good things come from above — from the Father of Heavenly Lights. After defeating the Philistines in battle, David’s first words are these: “God did it!” (1 Chronicles 14:11) This was after the battle at Baal-perazim, which was a conflict in which the Philistines attacked with “all their forces to capture him.” I will pray this evening (on the night my son stays with me) that I have the wisdom and the faith to keep pursuing the heart of the Lord to earn strength to be a good father and man. I know his path is the right way, and yet it sometimes becomes more difficult to see as my love for him deepens.

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