Dear Gertrude Julia Sophia Plummer

ByKevin Kuzma

Dear Gertrude Julia Sophia Plummer

Dear Gertrude Julia Sophia Plummer,

This morning, at the lowest I’ve felt in some time, I found your confirmation book in a used bookstore. I took it down from the devotional shelf in the faith section. The inscription was signed by your pastor in July 1914 when you were 15 years old. I’m assuming it was with you the rest of your life, and while there’s no way to verify this, holding your devotion it became clear to me that the confirmation of Jesus as your Lord and Savior stayed in your heart and never left you.

I wonder how this book, which may have meant much more to you than mere cover and pages, found its way to this place and why I would find it here, today, of all days and of all moments. When I needed it. Seeing your name and your pastor’s handwriting humbled me in a way I can’t explain. You suddenly became very real, and the life you led an inspiration that made my troubles seem small and common. Filled with your heart for the Lord, I carried on with my day, gradually recovering from the problems that drove me away from everyone. And my day returned to normal — in fact, it manifested into something far better than that.

Wherever you are — and to whomever left your book here, either by accident or purposefully — thank you. You are an angel now, and probably were before. And I’m that much better for my brush with your spirit.

Much peace and love,

Kevin Kuzma

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