Putting on the Armor

ByKevin Kuzma

Putting on the Armor

My sword is kept at my bedside, left open on this morning to a letter written by a sojourning servant of our Lord.
My belt is draped around my bedpost, and when I fasten it on I remember who is the truth in this world, and the next, and that I am to be brave in sharing his gospel with all who will listen.
My helmet is strapped firmly under my chin as I kneel at my window in prayer. He reminds me I am his warrior, but also in need of saving.
My breastplate covers my heart, keeping me in right relationship with my Lord. While my love is protected by its metal, I am to keep my heart open to show his grace and love to others who struggle as I do.
My shield leans against a wall, and I take it up in faith before I leave my room to deflect any fiery arrows that come at me from my enemies before I’m fully awake.
My boots go on last so that I may walk in readiness to share his word and stride confidently through the battles in my future.
My armor is heavy, but the weight of my sin is greater. I am ready to fight the good fight, and if I’m badly wounded or slayed, I’ll be recognizable on the battlefield as a soldier in his army.

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