The Jesus Prayer

ByKevin Kuzma

The Jesus Prayer

A crowd gathered to see the peddler speak. He stood before everyone, offering hateful words they mistook for wisdom. His language was confronting and his ideas challenged everything in me and what I believe. He was much like my savior, only his speech sold purposelessness – thoughts opposing grace and love. The people around me were entranced by these new concepts, and they applauded and tossed up their hands and raised their voices in support. I shouted in opposition, but my words were drowned out by the sounds of acceptance around me. “Come be with me,” I heard a still small voice tell me, and I closed my eyes and said a simple prayer to be present with this spirit, “Dear Lord Jesus Christ … have mercy on my soul.” On my inhale, “Dear Lord Jesus Christ …” On my exhale, “… have mercy on my soul.” Repeatedly, I said it, taking this prayer into the deepest places in my body. I knew there was power in those words, but they failed to resonate in my heart. They felt merely like words being spoken and I could still hear the voice of the man standing before everyone. His lies were still as loud as my own repeated phrase. I kept praying and focused on my breathing. “Dear Lord Jesus Christ … have mercy on my soul. Dear Lord Jesus Christ … have mercy on my soul.” The voice and the setting around me – all the people and all their noise – faded. I was finally within myself. “Dear Lord Jesus Christ … have mercy on my soul.” I could see only black. My heart felt a sweet burning and that feeling moved to my entire body until I could feel the spirit of Jesus Christ overcome me. His peace, his calm … his love, even for those who shouted for his downfall. I know, now, what he did while he stood silent before his accusers and the crowd they agitated against him. He prayed. With every part of his being, he prayed to his father for the mercy of the masses. Slowly, everything around me began to resurface. I was present to my surroundings, and yet my prayer and the love of Jesus Christ were still before me. I was safely inside my prayers and the protection of the Lord. In the slight space I filled in the audience, in all those bodies moving and brushing together, I quietly became a temple with fullness of light and the very heart of love. I stayed there as long as I could, until I felt completely embodied by the essence of Jesus Christ. And then I opened my eyes, saying one last time, “Dear Lord Jesus Christ … have mercy on my soul.” I was ready to rejoin the crowd.

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