Unholy Father

ByKevin Kuzma

Unholy Father

Your spiritual walk ended on an offshoot, lost somewhere in the wilderness, a dead-end trail in dense trees. Your tracks were grown over and covered. You led many astray — a woman you loved, other women you didn’t, and two boys you never knew looked up to you. Bringing hurt to us through heavy drink, hands, lips and even feet, our example of husband and father ruined the woman and men in us.

But turn around now. Look behind you. The trail has reappeared and, through forgiveness, the way has been made clear. The way you came before is free and the evils gone like the dew. Look up at the light filtering through the budding branches. A brand new way — back to our hearts — has opened in glory!

Holy Father,
In your uncompromising love we place our faith to forgive the errors and evils ways of ones we never thought we’d forgive. Your love is so overpowering, we forget what miracles it brings about, in ourselves and in others. Though you are love and you possess all that it is, we offer what we can back to you. We love you, your Son and your Holy Spirit.

Thank you for being a perfect father and for your example that rekindles our hope in what has failed us on earth!


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