ByKevin Kuzma


Pretending to believe in my own strength,
I put myself here.
The door opens and I see my weaknesses.
Confronted by a myriad of pleasures,
what could hurt me?
Surely my own resolve will be enough.
I think I can handle it,
but the truth is I want to brush up against
this sinful world once again.
I don’t want you to see me here, Lord.
We both know what’s about to happen,
don’t we?
My promises to myself are no good.
My threshold for evil revolves like the seasons.
Good or evil, a subjectivity up to my every whim.
I stand before my temptations,
purposefully here for no good.
I know I need rescuing.
But will my prayer to you be one of forgiveness
or one of delivery?
You see all and you already know what I decide.
Fix my eyes on what’s eternal.
Light over dark,
Life over death.
Give me your strength to choose.

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