Led Astray, Redeemed

ByKevin Kuzma

Led Astray, Redeemed

Deceive me and watch me become your ally.
Lead me astray, and watch me draw nearer.
The traps you set for me I willingly jump into,
setting off the snare around my own feet.
I refuse to climb out from the deep dark hole
where you capture your prey.
I’m your pet, waiting to do your bidding.
The beliefs I once held so diligently
I cast off at your first tempting.
My weaknesses are so strong,
I am your perfect follower.
I don’t belong to you, and yet I do.
Bind me. Devour me.
I deserve much worse.

Awakening to the morning’s first light,
from far away I hear the shepherd calling.
His voice echoes in the deepest reaches
of the enemy’s lair.
My Lord, you left the entire flock in the valley,
in another land to come searching for me.
Deliberately running away from your ways
didn’t stop you from pursuing me.
Your hand reaches into the recesses of the pit
and, in your palm, I am lifted out.
Stains, torn clothes, dirt:
It matters not to you.
I am reborn, out from the depths of hell
rejoining the flock where you protect me
everywhere I go, day and night.
Anoint me. Keep me in line.
Comfort me with your rod and staff.
Let me never stray from you again.

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