Move Across the Land

ByKevin Kuzma

Move Across the Land

No one knows when the end time will come but you, Lord. Your word assures us it will be soon. Until then, we call on you, O’ Mighty God, for a miracle. Scriptures tell us our world must slip into chaos before you return, but please, Lord … first spare the children. The value on their lives is depleted. Ripped from their mothers’ wombs, torn limb from limb, no chance for life. The wicked make it lawful up until the last moments of birth.

Lord, you know how you will sort us – which ones will be swept with the chaff into hell and which ones will be picked from the vine. My brothers and sisters in Christ hope and pray, day and night, that we will be ripe enough for your berry basket. And we know the innocent will be waiting on us is Heaven.

We beg on our hands and knees: send the ones not yet born a reprieve from the evil of this world. From its brutality. Send your angels to fend for them in the mothers’ spirit battles. Set loose a portion of your Holy Army to hold back their demons, Lord.

Darkness clouds our nation. So much evil! We can’t take anymore! Our nation has become unrecognizable, slipping into chaos. We take cover and peer out from our hiding places, huddled in prayer, watching to see you move across the land with power and might. Give us victory from the ones who laugh as they defy you and bring murder upon the most helpless of all your creations.

Lord, we pray for your miracles. Amen.

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