Psalm: A Prayer for Deceptive Sheep

ByKevin Kuzma

Psalm: A Prayer for Deceptive Sheep

From within your own ranks,
the deserters rise up against you, Lord.
They encourage your soldiers to embrace the world
in order to share your message with broader appeal.
They put all their might into forwarding evil
while led astray by Satan’s masterminding.
He fools them to leave the safety of your palm
for the realm he controls,
to preach a diluted gospel that pleases everyone,
and leaves out the holy name of Jesus
the truth that saves.
Heresy preachers, the entire lot.
Nothing but pure darkness stands behind the plans he orchestrates.
He is the father of lies
whereas you are the Holy Father.
In you there is nothing but light.
Lord, I pray you open the eyes of those
who abandon you for evil,
and I pray that you grant those of us still under your command
to have the courage to stand up and share your truth,
as we are,
not as deceptive sheep posing as wolves.

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