Psalm for Consumed Hearts

ByKevin Kuzma

Psalm for Consumed Hearts

Consumed heart filled with love, spill over with the Spirit of Jesus.
They say I am a strong Christian – that I am “more Christian” than them
and they mean it as a testament to my bravery, Lord,
to share your truth with those who don’t know you.
But am I strong? Or are they weak?
Am I brave? Or are they hesitant to take their stripes for their faith in you?
They would rather offer flattery instead of standing in your light themselves.
Neglected special spiritual gifts
rot in church pews the world over
as the sheep come to cherish their pastors’ evangelism.
But what about themselves?
Fishing for men is a command you gave to us all.
Those hours in church – in your presence, Lord –
and your followers take with them scant knowledge of you.
We continually fail to share your gospel in every moment of our lives,
abandoning our friends and family to eternal damnation
because of our delicate egos.
We are afraid of rejection – how we might look in sharing your grace.
Defeat is cast onto ourselves by ourselves.
Forgive us Lord. Embolden us!
Impart you strength in our hearts so we can take your Spirit fire
and light up the people of all over your world with kindling flames!

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