Psalm for Spirit Warriors

ByKevin Kuzma

Psalm for Spirit Warriors

An angel you sent to me, Lord, sat at my beside and encouraged me to pray.
So why is it still such a struggle for me to do so?
I heard directly from you and yet I can’t follow your simple command?
What sort of son am I to you? Why do I make it so easy for Satan to accuse me?
I feel cowardly for not kneeling at the window where you told me to pray, the way I did those first few days after you sent your messenger.
Without any words, he spoke to me with clarity.
I received his word and yet I still fail to live up to it.
To carry it out.
I am like Jonah, casting off on a boat heading away from the direction you send me.
Only there will be no commotion at sea, no whale to swallow me.
My battle is within the chamber where I sleep.
Let me heed your word, Lord.
Trust me, again, to accept your call.
If necessary, Lord, send another messenger so I can accept the challenge from him.
Do me the honor of calling me to the ranks of your spirit warriors.
I will help bring you victories with my unceasing prayers.
You know there is so much power in our whispers and cries to you, Lord, especially from those of us who are your weakest creations,
who know we depend on you most.

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