Psalm for St. Michael

ByKevin Kuzma

Psalm for St. Michael

Underfoot you hold the devil’s head.
With one hand you grasp his leash
and in the other your sword presses against his temple.
On his face is cowardice and horrendous fear
as he awaits, crouched on the ground,
for the final death stroke.
Since the beginning of time
this has been an ongoing battle
fought in that Spirit place none of us here can see,
but we know exists.
Our angels constantly at war for us,
protecting us against Satan’s evil schemes.
And you are chief among them,
the most powerful of all angels
and the one the Lord trusts to defend his Heavenly home.
In the end times, it will be you who rises
to fight the dragon and his hordes.
His strength will be no match for you.
Crushed and defeated, he and his rebellious army of angels
will be thrown back down to earth.
I pray that your victory can be mine
in my own spirit battles. They arise every day.
Fiery arrows shoot at my weakest vulnerabilities, every day.
Sometimes my shield of faith deflects them,
and other times they pierce my armor.
But I know who wins in the end.
I want to be there in the highest places to see it.
A victorious warrior of my life,
and a solider on the front lines in your army,
ready to fight to the last!

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Ylbania FabianPosted on12:47 pm - Dec 19, 2019

This is Beautiful enjoyed reading it ♥️Amen!

Yahaira CorderoPosted on2:00 pm - Dec 23, 2019

Shalom to you.

I’ve enjoyed reading this blog! Thank you for sharing! Archangel St Michael the one who protects the Holy Land of Messiah. I’ve enjoyed your Facebook your journeys your children and now your blogs. I can only bless you and ask the Lord to hold you high above the ground and always shine his face upon you.

A Gadol Simcha and Shalom you Kevin..
( huge Joy and Peace to you.) Merry Christmas and prosperous blessed 2020 a year of Vision for us believers..

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