Psalm: Rescue from the Pit

ByKevin Kuzma

Psalm: Rescue from the Pit

Tether me to you, oh Lord, and lower me down into the pit.
Countless believers stand at the edge
of the smoldering fires down there.
Their faces flicker in the light from the rising flames.
With dead eyes they stare, blankly,
listening to a voice that doesn’t belong to you.
Lies fill their ears, doubt fills their hearts.
All kinds of lusts and evil schemes
compromise their every thought.
These men and their women who used to follow you
have wandered into a wolves’ den
and they’ve forgotten their shepherd who still searches for them.
None see the purpose in the lives they lead,
so their bodies begin to scald next to the fire
as they prepare to leap into the abyss.
Lord, as your apostle Jude wrote to us,
help us be merciful to those who doubt
and save their souls before they are lost forever.
In your love, grant our prayer to wrap our arms around them
and lift them up to redemption!
Stamp out the fiery tongues licking at their feet!
Rescue them from an eternity in the burning lake!

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