Psalm: Strength for the Ongoing Battle

ByKevin Kuzma

Psalm: Strength for the Ongoing Battle

Wracked with fever and weakened from illness, it’s your Holy name on my lips, O Lord.
My greatest battles will rage in the coming days, and it’s in this weary state that I’ll be attacked by legions of demons aligned in rank order.
While I feel weary, I know there is no struggle too great you’ll set before me.
Wrap me in your ever-lasting love, my God.
Take me up into your hands and lift me high above this world until my troubles pass.
From the safety of your palm, let me look down on my enemies as they search but cannot find me.
I am someplace they will never be, Lord. Someplace they will never go.
Close to your heart. At the entry to your heavenly kingdom.
But it’s not yet my time, Lord.
When the way is clear, set me back down into Satan’s domain.
Infuse me with your Holy Spirit so I can pass it on to others.
Flames of your holiness with light up this world.
The angels in the highest places of Heaven will be able to see it burn.
A fire of godliness will rival the tallest flames of hell.
This is the ongoing battle. Day to day it’s fought, proceeding the archangel Michael’s clash with the beast in the final days.
We hope to be among those who rise up to Heaven then. All of us with your internal flame!
Ignited forever, spending our days worshiping you in praise and song!

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