Putting Out the Fire

ByKevin Kuzma

Putting Out the Fire

Welcome … come as you are.
The doors open and you enter in with all your filth.
After your first bath, you feel the cleanse and you finally belong.
Your heart opens up inward for this new Spirit indwelling you,
and you listen for that still small voice to whisper your new purpose.
But the patriarchs – they cast their visions upon you.
Some see wonderful things,
while there are others who believe they have seen you before.
Brothers of your brothers, they don’t oblige of the new person you’ve become,
and they do not forgive the sins of the person you were before.
The hunger they claim for new life and new vision must be tamed.
“Welcome in. Come as you are.
Once your heart is bursting with passion, please have a seat in these church pews.
Let the fire build in you, but let not it rage greater than ours.”

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