ByKevin Kuzma


This time it’s going to be a fight.
What you stole from me before
and the plans I put on hold to follow you
– it won’t happen again.
I have a new protector now
who follows me wherever I go.
The empty places in me that you once filled
are full with someone else now.
My way is clear, no longer shrouded in your fog.
Every day is full of light
and even my nights are illuminated.
Where you wanted to lead me, I cannot go.
The temptations, the nudges,
they don’t work any longer.
Not even for my greatest weaknesses.
Where you come to steal, kill and destroy,
He comes to replenish, give life and build anew.
The shadow you cast no longer falls on me.
I pass right through to New Life.
Certain death, I had to say goodbye to you.
Greater is He who is in me.

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