Sleeping Angel

ByKevin Kuzma

Sleeping Angel

In my sleep, I called out to the angels. I was pleading with them to visit me again. Over and over, I called until my words became a sort of energy or light for them to follow back to me.

“Hellooo,” I called, to no avail.

“Hellooo,” again, the words finding nothing but darkness.

And then, I heard it. A simple reply from somewhere within my room: “Yes?”

The one word came back firm, but like a question. “What was it I wanted?” it seemed to ask. I wasn’t certain.

Hearing the voice excited me and I instantly woke and sat up. Staring wide-eyed into the darkness, I looked for the angel who called back. There was only shadows in the usual places of my bedroom, and I remembered that I’d been asleep when the voice spoke to me. The angel vanished with my dream. But now he knows where to find me.

I’ll be calling to him tonight and praying to the one who reveals deep and mysterious things. My Lord knows what lies hidden in the darkness.*

*Daniel 2:22

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