Warrior Psalm

ByKevin Kuzma

Warrior Psalm

My body was made perfect by you,
and I work ceaselessly to strengthen it.
There are no markings.
No piercings or ink adorn my skin.
My flesh is the same tenement I was born into,
exactly the way you designed it.
I shape this body you gifted me
while reading your Holy word.
I am a servant in your army,
offering myself up as a sacrifice.
I ready for battle every morning,
strapping on your armor piece by piece.
Your words make me strong
and your weapons offer protection.
Hell is unleashed from its steel cage,
and, like David, I take on my giants,
overwhelmed in size, experience, and numbers.
Ranked demons swoop down from their principalities,
first the underlings and foot-soldiers,
and then their commanders,
armed to the teeth with temptations for my weaknesses.
Oh Lord, Satan knows me so well.
He uses what pumps the blood through my heart
to draw me away from you.
Nearer to him, his evil feels good and right.
But only you fill my heart, Lord.
You come to life inside me,
alighting your knight.
I remember the sword I carry
and the shield to deflect his blows.
Give me the courage to be victorious –
to stab through the demons’ hearts,
and watch them writhe and scream in surprise
at losing another vulnerable soul
to the Lord of Heaven’s armies.

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Jen PetersPosted on5:14 pm - Jan 12, 2019

Excellent! Beautiful

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