Worship Place

ByKevin Kuzma

Worship Place

The only way to reach into Heaven is to kneel and put my face to the ground.
How that clears my mind and opens my soul.
I feel you rush into me and my heart becomes full.
Lost in the blissfulness, I can hear only your voice and it takes me into another state where I disappear from myself and join into you.
Fully enveloped by your Holy Spirit, all time and activity ceases, for how long I do not know.
Suddenly I awaken, still crouched in a position of supplication and I can’t remember my temporary escape from my body.
Only the moments before can I recall.
What is that time like with you, Lord?
Am I there, standing beside you, in Heaven? Do you walk me through your plans for me? Why can’t I remember?
It’s no matter.
Prayer time is my commune with you, and it helps me find my feet again.
I stand up and walk away from my worship space a shining knight, dressed in your armor, rested and ready for war.

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