ByKevin Kuzma


We were nearly the same age. Only a few hours separated us. The earth was born first. Then my father breathed life into me. I came up out of the dust into the body he shaped with his own hands. From nothingness, I could suddenly walk and see and breathe my own breaths. I could think and sleep and dream. My feet felt the fresh new soil beneath them. I walked with no fear with the warm sun and the light wind all over my body. I ate from the trees, except from the one I was told not to, and dipped my lips into the fresh running water of the rivers. Peace abounded – it was everywhere – and it was always still and quiet except for the rushing water and the movement of the animals. Together, they were like a melody. I was blessed by my Lord, and I felt it. I was one of his first blessings. My body, my soul, something less than an angel but still higher than anything else that walked the earth. I walked in his favor in those first days. Eden and I, we were like brothers then, born into perfection. And only days later, our brotherhood and our bond would become much more complicated.

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