Come and See

ByKevin Kuzma

Come and See

Come and see how we live. I lead but one household of the Christian faith, but please come take a look inside. Before dawn, in the first light of a new day, I’m on my knees in prayer or reading scripture by lamplight. My children sleep in rooms protected by holy scripture and the sign of the cross. We pray together before meals and set out filled with the Holy Spirit, walking in the warmth of His light. At times we feel secluded and untouched by the outside world – uninterested in the events of the day.
Every need we have is met, and every fear is condemned with prayer. We put the Lord on our hearts and he draws us so close to one another that we can discuss what other families do not, with a surprising realness that’s not common for families now. We close out the day in prayer, offering our gratitude for our blessings and the events of the day – whether positive or negative – and we cover those around us in God’s love. Come sit with us or join us at the table and feel how different life like this feels. With Christ in the lead … how beautiful it is to let him go before you and clear the way. If you won’t believe, then come and see.

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