Evening Prayer

ByKevin Kuzma

Evening Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, Lord,
As twilight comes down and the color drains from the world, I offer my gratitude to you for being with me throughout the entire day. You kept watch over me and my family, as I prayed this morning, and presented no challenges too great for me to weather. I offered myself as a living sacrifice. I humbled myself. I did not give in to temptations. I shared your love with whomever I saw. You provided me clothing and warmth and food, and there was enough money to supply me with other needs. I am thankful for my house and honored to call it a Christian home. My few possessions are truly valueless compared to your eternal love.

I will lay myself down to sleep soon and I ask that you extend your protection over me into the night. I ask that you watch over my children and provide them with the same blanket of safety and care. I ask that if any dreams are given me that they somehow be prophetic or honor your kingdom in some way. I pray that when I rise, you are first on my mind, and that I can spend another day in pursuit of your own heart. I am so blessed to be yours, Lord. Amen.

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Heidi JoyPosted on5:03 am - Mar 8, 2020

That’s such a beautiful prayer. ☺️

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