House Church

ByKevin Kuzma

House Church

The service is about to begin and the church’s sole proprietor, who also happens to be the entire congregation, makes his last preparations before worship. He closes the door, shuts the blinds, and his bedroom with its vaulted ceilings and crucifixes becomes a chapel. His prayer stand is the window nearest his bed, and he kneels there, opening the proceedings in quiet contemplation. Then he rises, makes himself comfortable on the bed, and opens the weathered cover on his Bible. His scripture readings, which are not always aloud, still manage to fill the room and he can hear there echoes in the highest corners above him. Today’s message is found in Luke 23:32-43, which he has titled, “The Cross, A Thief, and Forgiveness.” The preaching on this Sabbath morning is a wonder – drawing his assemblage close to the heart of Jesus. He teaches in simple parables, as his master does. In his audience there are no elders to rile, no other congregants to offend. His words ring true and as he preaches, he can feel Jesus’s glory shining on the entire church. The congregation comes near tears as the last lines of the sermon are spoken: “Even in his last, dying moments, Jesus was a fisher of men.” The Bible closes, the blinds are turned to let in light again, the bedroom door opens, and the congregation files out until the next service begins … sometime after lunch.

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