Mountain Pass

ByKevin Kuzma

Mountain Pass

On the mountain pass, just before daybreak, I found you alone in prayer. I passed your followers a ways down the trail, still slumbering around a dying camp fire. By mistake I managed to find your holy ground while out searching for my own place to offer thanks to God for my blessings and then watch the sunrise. As I came nearer, I heard your Spirit speak to me. I put my blanket down at your side and prayed. An overwhelming peace came over me, as though I was in the presence of God himself. I felt so much love and my words came so easy. I don’t how much time passed, but I felt the sun rise and its sharp glare begin to warm my skin. When you said amen, I lifted my head and saw your eyes full of tears. “Thank you for making my morning prayers a blessing,” you said. All I could think to say was “Amen.” I watched you walk back down the pass, and like a little lost lamb, I followed after.

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