New Song

ByKevin Kuzma

New Song

I am not a musician. The closest I come to playing an instrument is when I sit down to my laptop and the keys fall beneath my fingertips in the same way a piano player naturally finds their keys. Regardless, I am fascinated with the analogy in this psalm: When we follow the Lord, he gives us a new song to sing. The life God grants us is comparable to music. I wonder what my life (or even my faith) would be like if set to music. What would I “sound” like? Would it be a ballad? Would it be uptempo? Would the lyrics be meaningful? Would I want to listen to it, all day, every day? Would it move me or anyone else? I am hoping to see heaven one day and hear the angels play my song back to me. Can you imagine entering the gates to incredibly gorgeous music … and learning that it is the song of your soul? I’m sure the sound will be surprising and lovely. Why? The God of all creation is our songwriter. If I can write something semi-beautiful from time to time, imagine how a boundless and all-powerful God can move you.

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