Prayer for My Three

ByKevin Kuzma

Prayer for My Three

Blessings be upon you. My children … my flesh and blood. May the Lord pour out his steadfast love over you and lead you in his ways.

I pray for you everyday. Before the morning breaks, I am at my window on my hands and knees praying for you. At the close of day, I can be found in the same way, in the same place, saying more prayers asking him to lead you to his heart.

I have but three children and two of you are well on your way to him. The other believes because I do. I ask the Lord everyday that he strengthen and embolden each of you to receive his saving grace and to feel his eternal love. For the longest time, part of me wanted this for you so you would understand me and how the Lord changed my life. But now I see the error of my ways. My ego fell away some time ago and now my hope for you is as simple as wanting you to feel his Spirit in you as I do.

I led the youngest of you to Christ. The oldest … it was your first visit to a church service where I watched you step out in front of hundreds of people and walk down front to the pastor to give your life to the Lord. I wasn’t a follower then – so close, but not yet. The Lord was just beginning to call my name then. My middle child – my son – you have it in your heart to believe, I know, but aren’t just there yet. I pray fervently that he overtakes you – that you begin to see all your blessings and gifts.

Here were are some six years later, now on a much deeper path. You all have Bibles and crosses in your bedroom. At least one of you is stepping into your God-given gift of vision or perhaps prophecy. Your hearts are opening. I pray that will continue – that his light will pour into your hearts. I pray, I pray, I pray! I put it in the Lord’s hands, everyday. He has your names in his book. All three. Amen.

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