Right Spirit

ByKevin Kuzma

Right Spirit

Tonight in the final calm of the day, the outdoors softened and quieted by blankets of snow, I heard your voice loud and clear. “With the right Spirit, or not at all.” Over and over, the words came — a phrase cutting right to my heart. I could the correction in your voice. My walk became about me. Seeking attention. The farthest from humble. What led my heart astray I’ll never know. Other desires silently came flooding in. I left myself unguarded and soon this Holy Spirit vessel was diluted by something like unholy water. Impurities clouded my vision and washed me off your path. But Lord, as you so often do, you taught me through my own failures. Before I share my testimony, before I share my faith, I have to be sure my heart is soft, my purposes are genuine, and you receive the glory. “With the right Spirit, or not at all. With the right Spirit, or not at all. ” Those words burned forever on my heart.

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