Slaying the Dragon

ByKevin Kuzma

Slaying the Dragon

Thrown down from the heights of Heaven, the dragon preys on us. He breathes an overwhelming fire that consumes us on the battlefield, but even more cunningly in our homes. He causes distrust between husband and wife and brings them to war with one another. Children disobey the guidance and loving parents and choose the ways of the world over anything holy. In our prayers, he distracts us — subtly offering reminders of our terrible sins and bringing up the guilty feelings in us. We feel unworthy and we break off into lost thought. Only a knight sealed in the full armor of God can stand firm in his hell breath. Swinging the Sword of the Spirit, we can decapitate our enemy the accuser. Give me the strength to lop off his head, O’ Lord. Brace my feet and steel my heart for his charge. Let me be precise with your word. Let my sword be swift and sharp.

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