Traveling Band

ByKevin Kuzma

Traveling Band

Poor fishermen, harlots, tax collectors, former zealots and reformed murderers were among those you lifted you up. Leading a band of the dejected, you went into places that the “Godly” shunned. That alone was evidence enough of your amazing love and grace, but you did so much more.

Cast out
Raised the dead
Brought life those deceased in spirit.

Lord, when I think of all you did for me and who you used as your instruments, I drop my head. I close my eyes. I fall to my knees. Tears begin to pool. I am at your feet, at the cross. Undeserving to even speak your name, and yet mine is on your lips – and has been before I was born and will be for all eternity. I am part of your traveling band. A sinner … but a forgiven one.

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