ByKevin Kuzma


Break these strongholds that bind me to my sins.
Wrists and ankles affixed to the ground,
the noon sun stings my flesh.
The twilight will bring relief,
but the night animals will soon smell me out.
I’ll be defenseless.
So Lord, please,
I pray you recognize my repentance.
I am not just sorry for what I’ve done.
My heart has changed.
Shatter these thick chains that keep me down.
Give me the strength to rip free from this dry earth.
Let me run into the night shouting your praises.
Unchained, unafraid, uninhibited, freed, forgiven …
I will never forget my imprisonment.
Left to die by the evil one
out here in the wilderness.
Only you protect me.
Only you care to.

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Jenny BrownPosted on9:44 pm - Mar 2, 2019


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