Weakest of Prayers

ByKevin Kuzma

Weakest of Prayers

Dear Heavenly Father,

On my knees, I am sending up the weakest of prayers to you. You’ve seen how I’ve been leading my life as of late. You’ve seen the backsliding — my willingness to step off your path and walk any direction away from your side. Why is this befalling me now … at a time when I am also so convicted in my beliefs. I see so clearly what is light and what is darkness, what is good and what is evil. But even that is confusing at times. My eagerness to spread your gospel makes me feel overzealous. Am I Pharisee, Lord, or am I one of your strongest believers? Is everyone around me weak? Is my zeal off-putting? I only want you to shine through my words. I only want you and you crucified to come out in the thoughts I share. I struggle with losing followers for preaching the truth, and yet I don’t struggle with your truth being preached. Am I becoming a mature believer in that my strength is overwhelming to some? These conflicts inside me are humbling, Lord, and as I release this prayer to you on your holy throne, I feel your hand at work in my failures. Maybe you are strengthening my prayers after all.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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DianaPosted on10:44 pm - Feb 9, 2019

I’ve been reading your notes and they are very inspiring to me. Thank you!

    Kevin KuzmaPosted on11:32 pm - Feb 9, 2019

    Thanks Diana. I try to post everyday or thereabouts. I’m glad you find my word inspiring. Do you have a blog or anything you’d like to share?

      DianaPosted on12:42 am - Feb 10, 2019

      I do not have a blog. I’m not as good with words as you are. I have other strengths though. You posted your website on Citizens for the Future of Gardner and that’s when I started reading. Considering the rough times I’m going through at the moment, your posts were helpful to me. Thanks!

        Kevin KuzmaPosted on8:56 pm - Feb 10, 2019

        That means the world to me! I am so glad anything I write would be comforting to you. Thanks for sharing that with me. You’ll be in my prayers.

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