Found Journal Entry

ByKevin Kuzma

Found Journal Entry

This morning I was searching through some old papers and found this journal entry. I wrote these words in May 2014, when I was at the beginning of my faith journey:

The voice began as a feeling. I had to still my life before I could hear it. For four years, I had been trying to heal the wounds of a broken marriage through a whirlwind of relationships. The path I was walking left me empty on the inside and hurt many around me. I was always a good father and involved in my children’s lives, but beyond that, I was not living for anything. The gifts I had been granted as a writer were languishing, as was my career. My life served no purpose. I was spiritually empty and I was not leading my children toward a future with meaning. So I closed down my world to focus on our quiet lives together. And then I began to hear something speak to me. I heard no words. I felt them … I felt them telling me I could be more than what I was. I went out and bought a bible for myself and one for the kids. My daughter began voraciously reading hers, and I mine. And I recognized for the first time the passion and divine talents of the various writers of the Bible. I knew the voice I was feeling was Jesus Christ. I knew I wanted to serve Him, give my life over to Him, and use whatever gifts I had to glorify Him. One afternoon, I sat with a good friend at my kitchen table, praying and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart. I agreed to live for him. And now I want to finalize this incredible conversion through the process of baptism, the same as Jesus Christ did.

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