Flowing spirit

ByKevin Kuzma

Flowing spirit

I woke this morning to the sound of pouring water. Just before opening my eyes, I heard a cup being poured out—maybe over something … or someone—and then it was gone. There was a quick splash followed by running water, and then it was over. Disappeared. I heard it plain as anything, and now I am sure the Holy Spirit was speaking to me.

This is the second time I was awakened by a clear but inexplicable sound while lying in bed. The first occurrence was a blaring alarm days before Christmas. The noise filled the whole house.

My daughter was staying with me that morning, too, and it startled me. I was about to run upstairs to see if she was safe. But when I opened my eyes, it stopped. I didn’t know what it could mean then. Was something trying to stop me from hearing the Lord?

Lately I have been under heavy spiritual attack. I won’t reveal the details because they are deeply personal, but I will say I was being bombarded with thoughts not consistent with my faith. And I abruptly put an end to them. How? Strength that can only be found in Jesus.

I am wondering if this new sound means I won this battle or at least a skirmish. I never fancied myself as one of these Christians who “hears” things or who has any sort of spiritual gifting, necessarily, beyond my writing. But I am beginning to wonder: Lord, what’s my purpose? Let me hear you clearly. I’ll do whatever you ask!

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RebecaPosted on10:06 pm - Jan 5, 2020

Hmmm.. after my ex boyfriend’s death. Many strange things happen, those based on the afterlife and talking to the dead.
His best friends wife called me and we spoke about Gabe’s death. She then says, “ Do you feel cold and a tingle on your skin?” I replied with , “ Yes! , why? “. … “its him Rebeca, he’s next to you… he still in shock”.
The next day, at school, we were having a Christmas party one of my students parents came up to me and said, “ my daughter talks to dead people,…. she told me my 3 year old was going to have cancer.”
The weekend arrives. In my house I have a security camera in the living room and it also has an intercom. The camera, started to make noises. The noise was loud and sound like someone was tuning into a radio station, and you could barely understand what was being said. That has never happened before. I unplugged the camera and reset it. Everything back to normal.
Satan knows how to attack when we feel the weakest and will use anything to get our attention away from God.
Satan knew, that many things have been left unanswered by Gabe.
At the same time many secrets revealed.

Be very careful of lying spirits. The fallen angels have been here watching us, they are extremely intelligent. They have been watching our human behavior since the creation of time. They know how to play us well.

One thing I know, is that when God speaks through the Holy Spirit, there is no confusion or doubt, no second guessing. God is a God of order, peace, truth and love. No guessing or mind games.

Kevin KuzmaPosted on10:24 pm - Jan 5, 2020

Great advice, Rebeca. I am certain it was the Holy Spirit. But I’ve never heard of it communicating in this way before. There is a message there, I feel I’ve deciphered it. Thank you for reading and offering your experience and guidance.

victoria LeonardoPosted on10:30 pm - Jan 5, 2020

I’ll never forget an “announcement” of sorts…Will spare the personal stuff here, but, I was about to do something that was completely against my faith…I know, young & dumber…When I heard loud & clear “someone” say “don’t do this”, in my ear…Of course being young & dumber I did it & have regretted it ever since…Our Father has forgiven me, though…

AngelPosted on1:52 am - Jan 6, 2020

Whatever the sounds are, important thing to remember is the HS will never lead you away from Christ or even to Himself, but will lead you to truth as it is in Scripture. If it does you know it is not of God. Lesson might be; cling to Christ when in doubt and err on the side of caution. Just my two cents 🙂

Tammy HealeyPosted on11:34 pm - Jan 6, 2020

Maybe the water indicates that you are looking for some emotional stability in your life. It sounds like you might be going through an emotional conflict and it is pulling you in two directions. Take some time for reflection and meditation. I hope this can ease your heart and bring you peace. Don’t forget to breath.

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