Foreign fantasy

ByKevin Kuzma

Foreign fantasy

It is foreign to a man
how a woman will keep a fantasy
and not want to live it out
To her, it’s a dream
An illicit one, maybe
the idea of which is fun to entertain
but forbidden to pursue
‘Fantasy’ is merely a label
a categorization
for the idea to be shelved
turned over and over
in the mind
then put away

For a man,
a fantasy is
a dreamed reality
An experience not too far removed
from the realm of possibility
An experience to pursue
A feeling to
With every part of him
that makes him a man
His quest is to turn it
alter it
from dream state
to something real
To have a fantasy is to possess
a mission
to achieve it
And when he finally does,
when the barriers are broken
when it’s all there before him
he makes it his
drowns himself in it
what kind of man
he is
Usually …
which leaves him
in the same state
as the woman

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