Message from a former lover

ByKevin Kuzma

Message from a former lover

This one came
not in glass bottle
not washed up to
not hand-written
not whispered
not with scream, followed by door slam
not radio waves
not satellite redirect
This once came rendered
much anguish
transmitted by
broken heart
through spirit
sent along the invisible cord
that forever links
two people who lived
lives together
shared a bed
and other intimacies
I felt it come to me
in that unexplainable way
arriving months after
our most recent
No salutation needed
“I hope this message finds you well.
I reach out with much trepidation
due to how we interact with each other,
which can be hurtful.
From my point of view,
I am over-desiring a romantic relationship
with you 100%.
I often think of you
and how you might ruin my life
and waste my time
some more
but as friends only.
No sex.
Please, text or call.
I miss our arguments
and general distaste for one another.
Sincerely, Lover 3,671
My response
is forthcoming

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