Poem for RR

ByKevin Kuzma

Poem for RR

They have likened many women to Marilyn Monroe
But they go off of the most superficial of comparisons
Hair color: blonde
Breast size: large
And to a slight degree, facial structure: baby doll with a touch of sex in the eyes
Those are the cheapest connections to draw
The easiest to come by
Those features can be bought
and soldered
onto any woman
Tonight, I am thinking of a new Marilyn
Not yet with a following
she would not fancy me (for obvious reasons)
because she fancies women
I don’t know what Marilyn’s private sexual persuasions were
but this woman has all the sex appeal of the great Norma Jean
Raw and spilling off the screen
In her voice
The slit of her eyes
The raise of the chin
and in the slight absence of
give a fuck
about other women
or men
and what they think about her
Tonight, I am thinking of a new Marilyn
whose aesthetic is nothing like Ms. Monroe
Short-cropped black hair
Leather jacket
And from what I remember
No breasts
And yet
There she is
in all her glory
Walking sex
Talking sex
Living sex
But not one sees it
The legend
of the silver screen
The conqueror of presidents
and ball players
and writers
Maybe, just maybe
I have a shot after all

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