Monthly Archive July 2020

ByKevin Kuzma

Why I love him

I’m here today to tell you about a man who lived about 2,000 years ago. According to the scriptures that were written about him, he was not necessarily a handsome man, physically, but he was striking in other ways and carried about him a certain presence. There are many people alive right now (some of whom even claiming to follow him) who will argue with you about his skin color, which is maybe one of the most preposterous arguments of all time — the very definition of missing the point. From what we know about nutrition and diet from the time period in which he was living and preaching, he was most likely a little man. Frail and not of any significant stature. We know from what was written about him by historians outside of Biblical text that he caused quite a ruckus for a time in Jerusalem. And we know from both the old and new testaments that he was a Jew who rose from nothing. He worked with his hands in a town called Nazareth — a lowly place where even one of his appointed apostles couldn’t believe anything good came. We know he performed miracles (not even his accusers, who put him to death, claimed otherwise) and that when he was wrongly charged with being a false prophet by religious leaders, he stayed silent and carried himself with a grace that none of us could manage. These are all merely details about the man whose words and teachings have changed hearts and even divided some for millennia, just as he said they would. Somewhere in the basic description of this man Jesus is something of you and I. The Christ figure, the savior of the world, who is, like us, one person caught up in the perpetual motion and chaos of the times. But he chose to love, to see something bigger than himself or what was at play in the world. While it’s true his perfect life exemplified how we fall short, it also reveals the better way we can have for ourselves and for how we treat others. His heart was full of love despite the tragedy that no one recognized him as our Creator. I love him because he spoke to me, but I also love him because of the man he was before we knew for certain he was God.