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Four years

Almost four years have passed since I went into relative seclusion as a writer. Some of you probably remember that shortly after my divorce, I took my blog down and retreated to the safety of my Spiderman spiral notebook. I wasn’t comfortable with making available to the world the level of personal writing I was composing at that time. But given some recent developments in my life, I’ve decided to step out of the shadows once again and post as frequently as I can here. Obviously a great deal has changed for the better since 2010 – I’ve rediscovered myself, deepened my relationships with my children, and met a few angels along the way who’ve helped shape me into a better man. My hope is that you will visit the site from time to time to see what I’m up to – and how I’m developing in my ability to arrange these little black squiggles against a white background. Every day is a fresh page, right? And the amount of available space on the internet is endless. I’m hoping to fill a portion of it with the same sort of honesty you might remember – and words as beautiful and accurate as I can manage them.