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ByKevin Kuzma

Caroline’s Necklace

I doubt all the pieces cost her much more than five dollars. She chose the pendants on her own and insisted on paying for them herself. It wasn’t until the next day that I saw what she’d made: a charm necklace with an Eiffel Tower, a key with a heart in its base, a butterfly, a flower … and a Christian cross. The last I’ve been praying for. And when answered prayers come down from the highest places of Heaven, it deepens my faith all the more.

ByKevin Kuzma

Hawk watching

We were deep into the afternoon before I remembered. One of Caroline’s friends was celebrating a birthday on Saturday night – taking a group of girls to an indoor play facility and then hosting a sleepover on their farm in the town next to ours.

Caroline’s mother reminded me about it Friday when I picked the kids up for the weekend, but I had forgotten in the rush of the day. And to be truthful, part of my memory loss might have been intentional: when one of my kids has a sleepover on “my weekend,” it means about 10-12 hours of missed time together. But it has been my policy over the year last four years to let the kids keep normal schedules and not let which parent they are staying with interfere with their social lives.

Caroline was down the hall playing when I hollered to her.

“Caroline, you have a birthday party to go to.”

“I almost forgot,” she said. She quickly began putting some things together for the sleepover and in a few minutes, we were on our way, just the two of us, on a 30-minute drive toward the city where the girls would be meeting.

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