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ByKevin Kuzma

A few notes before we begin

The posts appearing on this blog are written first in my notebook, and then retyped here several hours or days after they’ve been committed to paper. So, please forgive any missing words or mistypes in what you read. Something about the pen running across the pages of a spiral notebook inspires me, and sometimes feels in itself almost a spiritual release. The click-clack of a keyboard is deadening, not as lively as a typewriter, and then there’s always the reliance on electricity for the computer to work. I can carry a notebook with me, capture my thoughts as they come, and pretend to be a modern day apostle (knowing how humbling my struggles truly are) chronicling his journey and the occasional angels met, the moments of God’s truth, and the quiet, down times at home with the children that shine so much light on our existence. I love the Lord for the spiritual gifts he has given me, and I hope they enlighten you in your journey to — or alongside — Him. We never take the lead, do we? We submit and we follow, as his flock. I’ll be the sheep in the back, with the pencil behind his ear. Thank you for reading. Let’s get started.